Brookwood Community Farm


Some great events get published in our newsletter, Facebook, and event calendar (below).  See you on the Farm!

Annual Plant Sale May 19 & 20 – scroll through the list here!

Brookwood’s Annual 2 day seedling sale – get your well grown herbs, flowers and vegetables.


Basil: Genovese, Mammoth, Variety Mix

Fennel, Orion

Bronze Fennel




Thyme: Creeping, Summer, Winter, Lemon Variegated

Anise Hyssop



Toothache Plant

Salad Burnet

Garlic Chives

French Tarragon

Fringed French Lavender


Mint: Chocolate mint, peppermint, spearmint (common mint)


Cucumbers: Cross Country Pickling, Salt and Pepper, Mouse Melon, Diva, Lemon, Boothby’s Blonde, marketmore

Summer Squash: Raven, Spineless Perfection, Golden Glory, Multipik, Sunburst, Green Tint Patty-Pan

Eggplant: Black Beauty, Dancer, Hansel and Gretel, Rosa Bianca, Rosita

Peppers:  Bell, Carmen, Jimmy Nardello, Cornito Giallo/Cornito Rosso mix

Hot Peppers:  Serrano, Fish, Flamingo, Jalapeno, Scotch Bonnet

Greens: Asian greens, arugula, cabbage mix, chard, kale mix, collards, lettuce mix, spinach

Potato: Satina and Mountain Rose

Tomatoes: Big Beef, Valley Girl

Heirloom Tomatoes: Soldaki, Striped German, Aunt Ruby’s German Green, Rose de Berne, Black Prince,, Principe Borghese, Cosmonaut Volkov, Persimmon, Pruden’s Purple, Weisnicht’s Ukrainian, Black Prince, Mark Twain, Pink Brandywine, Rutger’s Original, Garden peach, big rainbow,

Paste Tomatoes: Speckled Roman, Orange Banana, others

Cherry Tomatoes: Bing cherry, Black cherry, Bumble Bee purple, Honey red grape, Juliet, Sungold, tidy treats,, valley girl, yellow pear, Matt’s wild, Jasper

Corn: Sweet Ambrosia Bi-Color, Robust popcorn

Tomatillos: Toma Verde, Mix

Ground cherry

Beet mix

Brussel Sprouts

Celery, Conquistador

Onion mix

Leeks, King Richard


Asparagus crowns, Jersey Supreme


Melons:  Halona, Sorbet Swirl, Sugar Baby watermelon

Strawberries: San Andreas everbearing, Alpine Strawberry


Ageratum, Dondo Blue

Asclepias, Apollo

Marigold, Brocade

Mexican mint marigold

Bachelor’s Button, Florist Blue Boy

Lavatera, Lavatera Mix

Carnation, Chabaud Mix

Amaranth, Coral Fountain

Cosmos, Sensation Mix

Aster: King Size, Kurenai

Love Lies Bleeding

Sensitive Plant (Mimosa)

Nigella, Miss Jekyll mix

Morning Glory

Petunia, Daddy Mix

Phlox, Drummondii Mix

Snapdragon, Rocket mix

Rudbeckia: Gloriosa Daisy

Poppy Mix

Poppy, Shirley Double Choice Mix

Shade wildflower Mix

Statice, Seeker

Sweet Alyssum

Tithonia, Torch

Zinnia, State Fair Mix

Sunflower: Mammoth, dwarf Teddy Bear, Soraya, Ring of Fire

Annual Farm-to-Table Dinner September 16, 2018

Brookwood’s Annual Farm-To-Table Dinner is planned for Sunday, September 16, 2018 at the Eleanor Cabot Bradley Estate in Canton.    We look forward to seeing you for this year’s festivities, featuring a silent auction, dinner and music.  Funds raised support our mission of food access and sustainable growing on revitalized farm land.  Ticket sales will begin in August.

Bike Ride September 23, 2018

With Three Square New England, Brookwood has a fundraising team riding this September.  Join us.  More info soon!

Family Volunteer Days

Saturday Family Volunteer Days are in the planning stages with possible separate activities for kids and adults.

Special Community Events

March 24 & 25:  Maple Syrup Days in March – come by to learn about seeding while visiting old Brookwood Farm in the Blue Hills Reservation

May 19-20: Plant Sale – access great seedlings to get your own garden or pots off to a good start! Herbs, veggie and fruit seedlings available along with bagged soil.

On farm Pancake Breakfast – Saturday June 9, 2018 (rain date 6/10).  Sponsors so far this year:  Milton Junior Women’s Club, The Plate & Suzanne Lombardi.

November 18: Thanksgiving Sale – be prepared to feed your family/friends and or gather storage veggies and other  products to keep the farm close at hand in the winter months!

Bringing Home the Farm: Public Education Workshops

Throughout the growing season, we offer a number of public workshops for both children and adults.  Cooking class program is being developed with local chefs!

Calendar: please be patient for updates

We look forward to seeing you down at the farm at the following events. Send us an email with any questions about upcoming events and opportunities to volunteer at farm events.