Brookwood Community Farm

About the Farm

Brookwood Community Farm strives to restore underutilized farmland for agricultural purposes, while maintaining and cultivating the ecological richness and diversity of the land. The farm is committed to involving local communities through a community supported agriculture program, educational, volunteer and employment opportunities. The farm is helping ensure that all individuals have access to healthy, fresh and affordable foods through the development of new markets in under-served communities and through relationships with local hunger relief organizations.


The Brookwood Community Farm is  8 acres situated on three sites: on a 70-acre parcel of land within the Blue Hills Reservation, 90-acre Bradley Estate owned by the Trustees of Reservations and an 79 acre piece of land owned by Historic New England. All sites have been farmed for generations. Since 1994, the Blue Hill Reservation site has been maintained by the Department of Conservation and Recreation. In 2006, the farm was once again returned to production with the founding of the Brookwood Community Farm. An 8 member community supported agriculture program was created to support farming activities on the original 1-acre site. The farm has expanded to a second site on the nearby Bradley Estate in Canton.  For our land at the former Eustis estate, the tradition of agriculture on the property began long before the Eustis family acquired the land that would become known as the Eustis Estate, one of Milton’s most iconic historic properties. The Eustis family continued the agricultural tradition and integrated it into their daily lives, with agrarian lands in close proximity to formal landscape features. Historic New England, which acquired the Eustis Estate in 2012 to preserve and share it with the public, sees Brookwood Farm’s work as important to continuing the agricultural heritage of the estate. Total area under cultivation is now close to 8 acres. The Community Supported Agriculture Program has grown to reach over 250 families in just 10 years.

How We Grow

Brookwood Community Farm is committed to sustainable farming and all crops are grown using organic practices that promote a healthy soil and balanced ecosystem to maintain populations of “good bugs”, soil microorganisms and disease fighting mechanisms in the field. Soil fertility is achieved without the use of synthetic chemicals, through composting, nutrient recycling, cover crops/green manures, organic fertilizers, raised beds and other soil building techniques. Pest control methods emphasize variety selection and cultivation techniques that enhance natural defenses and promote strong, disease resistant plants. We use row covers, crop rotation, beneficial insects and, when necessary, organic materials approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute to minimize pest damage to our crops. Although Brookwood Community Farm is not organic certified, we follow the Northeast Organic Farmer’s Association organic pledge, which outlines the environmentally and socially sustainable practices we follow. We try to keep CSA members and community farm participants informed about our farming practices and we welcome your questions, input and direct involvement in the sustainable farm operation.