Brookwood Community Farm


On-Farm Classes for Children

Brookwood offers a variety of programming for kids from preschool age all the way through high school. We are thrilled to offer on-farm education classes to school groups, community organizations, church groups, etc. We will work with you to best customize your visit to the needs and ages of your students.

Educational visits include an introduction to the farm and a farm tour, along with educational activities focused on a particular theme and age group (see options below). At the end of your visit, we will lead you on a half-hour work project in the field, possibly harvesting for food pantry donations, weeding, taking care of the Learning Garden, or seeding if so desired.
•$60 for 1–12 total person group, $80 for 13–20 total person group, $100 for 21+ total person group
• 15 participant maximum (not including chaperones)

Below are some of most popular classes; for more information or to schedule a visit, please contact our farm educator, Nichole Nelson (education@brookwoodcommunityfarm). We look forward to seeing you at the farm!

Dig It! The Dirt on Dirt

This class offers hands-on exploration of the soils on the farm. Participants will learn about what comprises soil, how it is created, and why it is important. Students will explore the farm, forest, meadow, and wetlands to compare and contrast the different soils in each. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

What Does a Plant need to Grow?
Come discover what it takes for plants to grow! We’ll learn about the elements needed to grow a seed, talk about the plant life cycle, and then experience planting! We’ll also do a scavenger hunt on the farm to locate all the natural resources we have in our environment.

Who Lives on a Farm?
This class offers hands-on exploration of the different plants, insects, and natural resources needed to make a healthy farm community. Learn about how healthy farms need diversity to thrive! Students will do a 5 senses discovery tour, and perhaps a little bug catching!

It’s Alive! Farm Science!
The farm is a great place to learn about science in action. Participants will learn about farm ecosystems—like beneficial bugs, pests and the plants they live on and eat—and soil health as it relates to growing food. If you have a specific science topic request, please let us know.

What is a Food System?

This class asks students to think about how the food they eat ends up on their plate. How is the environment impacted by our food choices? What does it mean to at local food? How can we impact the local environment with our food choices?

Bringing Home the Farm: Public Education Workshops

Throughout the growing season, we offer a number of public workshops for both children and adults. Please check our homepage and/or calendar for announcements!

Farm Visits

The farm regularly hosts school, camp, corporate, and community groups interested in learning about food and farming. Visitors are welcome to tour the farm, learn about farm history, and participate in farm activities. For more information or to schedule a farm visit, please review our full list of farm visit options.