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2019 Shares will be for sale around the new year!

The Community Supported Agriculture Concept

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) refers to a model of farming in which farmers sell harvest shares directly to people in the local community. The CSA represents a direct connection between consumers and farmers, and a shared commitment – shareholders commit to the farm for the season, sharing in the risks of unpredictable growing conditions and the benefits of abundant harvests of sustainably grown food. By paying for a share of the harvest up front, members provide farmers with a secure customer base and resources to invest in seeds and supplies. In exchange, farmers commit to doing their utmost to provide their shareholders with the best quality and most nutritious food around. The CSA builds community and connects people with the source of their food. At Brookwood Community Farm there are numerous opportunities for members to get involved with growing and harvesting produce and for getting to know each other.

What’s in a CSA Share?

Brookwood Community Farm grows a wide variety of crops, planted in succession to provide a continuous weekly supply of mixed vegetables. We offer separate spring, summer and fall CSA shares. Farm members can sign up for one, two, or all 3 shares.

The Spring 2018 CSA Share (May 22 to June 16) runs for 4 weeks. This share features early crops that can tolerate cool weather and grow quickly including many greens. There are generally 5 or more items in the weekly pick up. Early spring season extension can be challenging for local farmers due to our unpredictable New England weather. We try hard to get on the land very early in the spring, put seeds and transplants in the ground and protect them from frost to provide for the May harvest, but those first few pick ups can be light if nature doesn’t cooperate. Quantity and variety generally increase as the spring progresses. Weather permitting, the share will include spinach, salad mix, broccoli, lettuce, chard, kale, arugula, garlic scapes, basil, baby beets, peas, cilantro, radishes, bok choy and other vegetables. The cost of the Spring Share is $100.

The Summer 2018 CSA Share (June 19  to Sept 23) runs for 14 weeks.  This share has the entire range of production. It begins with greens, beets, peas, cucumbers, and summer squash. It continues through the middle of the summer with tomatoes, green beans, eggplant, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, watermelons and many other vegetables. The share finishes with early fall favorites including winter squash, spinach, lettuce, carrots, kale, and more greens. Throughout the summer share we try to have continuous production of various greens and onions, as well as a range of produce every week. Depending on the season, the crop mix may vary slightly, but members generally receive about 8-9 different items each week. The cost of the Summer Share is $400.

The Fall 2018 CSA Share (September 25 to November 17) begins the first week of fall and runs for 8 weeks, finishing the week before Thanksgiving. This share features a mix of cool season crops including winter squash, carrots, beets, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, spinach, kale, collards, salad mix and lettuce. This share also contains some storage crops such as onions and potatoes. Many vegetables including carrots and other roots, as well as brassicas (broccoli, cabbage, kale) are sweeter in the fall after experiencing a frost. The cost of the Fall Share is $230.

Fruit Shares (see below)


In addition to the items in your share, there are Pick-Your-Own (PYO) opportunities during the season. PYO gives members the opportunity to go out into the field and personally harvest their food. The PYO produce is in addition to the produce items in the tent.

PYO Herbs are available for most of the season; additional offerings include peas, beans, cherry tomatoes, hot peppers and husk cherries. These PYO opportunities can increase your share value, by adding 2-3 items to your weekly share if you are interested!

Share Size

The size of the share is usually appropriate for an “average household of 4”.  Individuals who do not want a whole share may decide to SPLIT their share with a friend or neighbor, but they are responsible for working this out independently and only one family/person should pickup the complete share each week.

New for the 2018 Season 

Brookwood is offering Half Shares for each of the seasons.  A Half Share will be the same quantity/value of vegetables as the weekly full share, but will only be picked up EVERY OTHER WEEK, during the season, as assigned by CSA manager.

Spring Half Share: (2 weeks during May 22 to June 16) $55

Summer Half Share: (7 weeks during June 19 to Sept 23) $220

Fall Half Share: (4 weeks during September 25 to November 17) $128



The CSA share cost is based on the value of the produce that will be distributed during the season and gives members a 10% discount of the market value for paying in advance and sharing in the uncertainty of the farming season. Produce is valued at retail prices/levels. The produce in each weekly share will vary depending on growing conditions, but should include a variety of seasonal crops each week.

2018 CSA Fruit

In addition to the vegetables grown at the Brookwood Community Farm, we offer CSA members the opportunity to purchase an additional fruit share, with fruits provided by a local orchard.   We are not hosting the egg share but will have eggs for purchase at the tent.

The 2018 Summer Fruit Share begins the week of June 19th and runs for 14 weeks. There will be lots of variety in this share. We are hoping to include strawberries, blueberries, cherries, apricots, peaches, plums, and melons. Quantities will typically be a quart (or 2 pints) of berries or 3-4 pounds of tree fruit. The fruit will be sourced from local farms and we will share information with you about the farmers who grow the fruit and their growing practices. The growers we source fruit from are usually not organic, but they do IPM (Integrated Pest Management), which means that they spray pesticides at a lower rate than conventional growers and only when they need to. The value of the share will vary from week to week but it will even out over time and we aim to give you 10% more value than you pay for. You must have a 2018 farm membership to participate in the fruit share program, but do not need to have a Produce Share.  Cost $160.  Half Share $88 picked up on an assigned, every other week basis.

The 2018 Fall Fruit Share is all about apples! You will get a great deal with both quantity and variety of delicious local apples, pears, and cranberries. You will generally get about 4 pounds of apples and pears a week. If the weather cooperates we may even get some other tree fruit in September. The share runs for 8 weeks from September 25-November 17. The fruit will be sourced from local farms and we will share information with you about the farmers who grow the fruit and their growing practices. The growers we source fruit from are usually not organic, but they do IPM (Integrated Pest Management), which means that they spray pesticides at a lower rate than conventional growers and only when they need to. The value of the share will vary from week to week but it will even out over time and we aim to give you 10% more value than you pay for.  Cost $92.  Half Share $52 picked up on an assigned, every other week basis.

Financial Aid Policy

Brookwood Community Farm aims to support the participation of members from all income levels in our community. We offer discounted shares to qualifying members. Brookwood Community Farm will evaluate discounted share applications from individuals/households and provide subsidies to those who qualify. To qualify, an applicant would have an annual income below 250% of the Federal Poverty Level. In addition, we will consider Individuals/households who may not meet this threshold, but are experiencing financial hardship due to extenuating circumstances (recently lost job, for example).

If you feel like you qualify for a discounted share, please submit your CSA application and make a note in the comments that you are applying for financial assistance. We request that if you would like to be considered for financial assistance, you email or mail us a copy of your most recent tax form with your income data, or provide an explanation of your situation. Please email it to Cathy at If you do not file taxes, please contact Cathy directly to discuss other documentation options.

We try to help as many individuals as we can.

If you do not qualify for financial assistance, we may be able to offer you an extended payment plan. If you would like more information, please contact Cathy at

CSA Pickup

All CSA members come to Brookwood Farm for their weekly pick up and gather their own produce from the CSA tent. This allows members to see how their food is grown and harvest some of their own produce, if they choose. It also allows the farmers to harvest crops immediately before distribution to provide members with the freshest produce. We do not offer alternative pick up sites or delivery options. However, many members have organized pick up groups where neighbors take turns going to the farm to bring home a group of shares. Each week of the CSA period, the harvested crops are set out in bulk and members are instructed on the amounts of each to take.

Each shareholder chooses a pick up day when they sign up and must come on that day throughout the season unless a change is approved by the CSA manager through this form only:  by MONDAY of each week. IF you can not access the form, please use by.   Half Share weeks can not be switched once assigned by the CSA manager.  The pick up times are: Tuesday, 2pm to 6:30pm; Thursday, 2pm to 6:30pm; Saturday, 9am to 1pm.

Volunteer Work

Because this a community farm that depends on volunteer labor to keep up with the chores and harvesting, and because we want our members to get involved, we encourage share-holders to volunteer in the growing season. Additionally, a limited number of work-share opportunities allow members to trade 5 hours of labor weekly (harvesting) for those who have more time than money and want to pay for a CSA share in “sweat equity”. There are a limited number of work-share positions so please contact Farm Manager Sara at if you are interested in one of these spots.

BCF Farm Membership

We request that all farm members join Brookwood as a member.   Because supporting Brookwood is not just about getting fresh produce at a good value but also about being part of a community and supporting the farm’s mission of access for all. The annual dues cover free member events such as field walks, pot-lucks, the harvest fest, and a variety of programs and social activities. The membership also supports the food access and education work of Brookwood Community Farm. The farm donates over 15% of what we grow to area food pantries and farmer’s markets in low-income neighborhoods of Boston.

How to Join the CSA

In January, we give the first opportunity to sign up for shares to existing members. In February, we begin sending out sign-up forms to people on our waitlist.  If you are not able to join the CSA, you will still be able to enjoy Brookwood Community Farm produce at the Roslindale Farmer’s Market on Saturdays June-November. In addition, if you join as a member of Brookwood, you will have opportunities to purchase harvest bags throughout the season, as well the opportunity for special “pick-your-own” produce dates throughout the season. You’ll also be informed when we have extra produce for sale, get our weekly newsletter, and be invited to special member only events.


We accept payment online and by check.

If you have registered for shares, please make an initial payment of at least $200 to hold your spot.  At this time, for new registrations, your balance will be due in 30 days or before the start of your CSA pickups … whichever comes first.
If payment of your balance represents a hardship, please email us – – in order to set up a payment plan. We also have some financial aid available – please contact us for more details.

Purchase Shares Here – active in 2019